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Revenues from Administration and Properties of Central Government at the end of August 2021

The fiscal year 2021 annual budget of “administration and properties revenues” for the central government is NT$133.23 billion. Revenues through the end of August were NT$79.35 billion, or 59.55% of the budget. Of that, revenues from fees were NT$29.34 billion, or 50.64% of the annual budget of NT$57.93 billion. Revenues from fines and indemnities were NT$17.76 billion, or 84.26% of the annual budget of NT$21.07 billion. Revenues from public properties were NT$20.37 billion, or 63.33% of the annual budget of NT$32.16 billion. Other revenues were NT$11.89 billion, or 53.87% of the annual budget of NT$22.07 billion.

Issued:Government -Owned Shares Management Division Release date:2021-10-13 Last updated:2021-10-13 Click times:67