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Important Performance

No. Title Issued
1 Government Fiscal Condition Remains Moderate and Resilient Treasury Affairs Management Division
2 Actively raising funds to support government expenditures Treasury Affairs Management Division
3 Establish mechanisms for Remittance of Non-tax Revenues to the National Treasury to improve the efficiency of the National Treasury financial management Treasury Affairs Management Division
4 Promoting payment mechanism of withholding from income of central government agency employees, various income taxes and public utility fees in order to reduce the number of Treasury checks issued. Treasury Disbursement Management Division
5 Promoting E-application of National Treasury Payment to provide quality service Treasury Disbursement Management Division
6 The alcohol produced in teaching activities which comply with the rules may be exempt from the punishment of producing illegal alcohol. Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
7 Held “The 2022 Meeting on Local Finance” Financial Planning Division
8 The MOF promulgated the ordinance explained official letter on January 29, 2019 for the Supplemental Instruction of Blending Alcohol Drink for Immediate Consumption for letter no. 0920050746 on August 27, 2003 Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
9 The details of the National Treasury’s centralized payment operations in 2020 Treasury Disbursement Management Division
10 Amendment of Article 17 of “The Regulations for the Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues” Financial Planning Division
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