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No. Title Issued Publish time
1 Numbers of the national treasury agent institutions and the tax collecting institutions Treasury Affairs Management Division 2021-11-05
2 Q&A for the Public Welfare Lottery Financial Planning Division 2021-11-05
3 What is “a fee” and how does a fee reflect the cost to the government to provide a service? Government -Owned Shares Management Division 2021-11-01
4 What is the application procedure for National Treasury check reissuance in the case of loss? Treasury Disbursement Management Division 2021-09-23
5 Under what circumstances must one apply for the replacement of the treasury check? Treasury Disbursement Management Division 2021-09-11
6 How did Charges and Fees Act come about? Government -Owned Shares Management Division 2021-08-12
7 Does the certificate IC Card of agencies have a validity period? Treasury Disbursement Management Division 2021-01-28
8 Personal Information Protection by the Alcohol and Tobacco Industry Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division 2020-11-19
9 How to make donations to the National Treasury? Treasury Affairs Management Division 2020-09-26
10 Q&A for Payment Operation Inquiry Service Treasury Disbursement Management Division 2020-03-06
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