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No. Title Issued
1 Q&A for the Public Welfare Lottery Financial Planning Division
2 How can tobacco and alcohol business owners verify the identity of investigators or enforcement personnel during inspections of tobacco and alcohol business operations? Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
3 What are the consequences for those who fail to pay the fine imposed for violating The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act within the specified time limit? Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
4 What is the proper way to prepare a payment voucher for a National Treasury check that is self-collected by the payee or agency-collected? Treasury Disbursement Management Division
5 What do the “special marks” of a National Treasury check refer to? Treasury Disbursement Management Division
6 What is the structure and process of the electronic payment operations of the National Treasury? Treasury Disbursement Management Division
7 What are the application procedures for National Treasury check loss reporting and stop-payment? Treasury Disbursement Management Division
8 What are the application procedures for National Treasury check reissuance in the case of a lost check? Treasury Disbursement Management Division
9 Q&A for Payment Operation Inquiry Service Treasury Disbursement Management Division
10 What kind of illegal tobacco and alcohol whistleblower reporting cases will the competent authority refuse to accept? Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
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