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Responsibility and Organizational Chart


Responsibility and Organizational Chart

According to the Organization Act of NTA, the NTA has one director-general, two deputy directors-general, one chief secretary. NTA has created Treasury Affairs Management Division,Treasury Disbursement Management Division,Debt Management Division,Financial Planning Division,Government-Owned Shares Management Division,Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division,Secretariat,Personnel Office,Civil Service Ethics Office,Accounting and Statistics Office,Information Management Office to implement the relative duties.


Treasury Affairs Management Division
  • Planning of the national treasury system;
  • supervision of treasury affairs;
  • planning of the management of the central government agency accounts system;
  • preparation of central government general budget,
  • additional budget and special budget revenues;
  • national treasury financial dispatching.


Treasury Disbursement Management Division
  • Establishment and control of the budget and of the disbursement of National Treasury funds;
  • payment voucher verification and management;
  • issuance, review, and control of National Treasury checks.


Debt Management Division
  • Planning of the public debt system,amendment and explanation of regulations;
  • planning, issuance, and management of government bonds and treasury bills;
  • supervision and assessment of local debts;
  • management and operation of debt service funds and local construction funds.


Financial Planning Division
  • Co-ordination of major governmental construction expenditure plan;
  • planning and guidance of fiscal operations at all levels of local governments;
  • supervising the issue of the Public Welfare Lottery.


Government-Owned Shares Management Division
  • Management of government-owned shareholdings;
  • approval and appointment of directors and supervisors of government-owned share enterprises;
  • approval of annual budget examination of special fund;
  • management and operation of the fund for the privatization of government-owned enterprises under the Executive Yuan;
  • management of central government revenues from penalties, indemnities, fees, etc.


Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
  • Initiation and amendment of relevant laws and regulations governing tobacco and alcohol administration;
  • promotion of the Alcohol Quality Certification System;
  • imported alcohol inspection and related foreign affairs;
  • issuance of permits and licenses for local manufacturers and for importers of tobacco and alcohol products, etc.


  • Archive management;
  • procurement and affairs management;
  • research studies; press contacts;
  • and correspondence with the Legislative Yuan.


Personnel Office
  • Organizational management;
  • promotions and transfers of personnel;
  • performance reviews; training and education;
  • salary packages and welfare, retirement, and pension services.


Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Advocacy of the Anti-Corruption Act;
  • project auditing;
  • internal investigation;
  • declaration of asset of civil servants;
  • avoidance of conflict of interest, maintenance of official confidential information, and agency security.


Accounting and Statistics Office
  • Annual budget, accounting and statistics matters;
  • budget and accounting of non-profit special funds managed by the NTA;
  • special official accounting of government debt and administration of receipts and payments.


Information Management Office

  • Planning and co-ordination of strategies for the supply of information technology services;
  • planning and management of the IT environment;
  • planning and promotion of Internet security.
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