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Latest News
No. Title Issued
1 Auction Result for Central Government Development Bonds on January 12, 2023 Debt Management Division
2 Auction Result of Treasury Bills on January 11, 2023 Debt Management Division
3 Detailed report of donations to the National Treasury, Ministry of Finance, from July to December 2022 Treasury Affairs Management Division
4 Auction Result for Central Government Development Bonds on January 6, 2023. Debt Management Division
5 Revenues from Administration and Properties of Central Government at the end of December 2022 Government -Owned Shares Management Division
6 Taiwan Lantern Festival - A World Brightened by Lanterns Secretariat
7 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival - Blessings Secretariat
8 Payment notice of salary, monthly retirement payment, pension of survivors (monthly survivor annuity), and monthly compensation in February 2023. Treasury Disbursement Management Division
9 Auction Result of Treasury Bills on December 28, 2022 Debt Management Division
10 Matters of attention for payment of national health insurance, labor insurance, and the 2nd-tier new labor pension in November, December 2022 Treasury Disbursement Management Division
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