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Promoting e-application of National Treasury Payment to provide quality service

To provide more diversified and convenient online services, the NTA provides 25 types of e-application in “Electronic Payment System of the Treasury,” including reconciliation statements, power-of-attorney for voucher correction, return inquiry routing slips for treasury check and remittance data, electronic payment card, statements of annual expenditures of budget distribution, and statements of temporary annual reserved funds.

  1. Thanks to the adoption of computer automation, the costs of paper delivery and manual operation have been reduced, operation times have been saved up to about one to three days per case, and the speed of account handling has been accelerated, effectively promoting timely payment and enhancing service quality.
  2. The NTA has conducted over 70,000 e-applications each year, reducing the delivery of over 100,000 sheets of paper as applications or their attachments, saving the government’s expenditures of over NT$1 million in postage and related costs every year. There were 74,386 e-applications as of the end of December 2021.
Issued:Treasury Disbursement Management Division Release date:2022-01-07 Last updated:2022-01-07 Click times:462