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Establish mechanisms for Remittance of Non-tax Revenues to the National Treasury to improve the efficiency of the National Treasury financial management

The National Treasury Administration initiated a measure to process non-tax remittances to the National Treasury, speed up the collection of funds into the National Treasury, and improve the efficiency of government financial management, as is described below.

1.Provide details of Remittance of Non-tax Revenues to the National Treasury for enquiry and download, and facilitate the reconciliation of relevant agencies.

2.Operation Guidelines for Central Government Non-tax Revenue Remittance to the National Treasury was announced on July 15, 2014 for relevant agencies to follow.


Through the end of December 2021, 242,424  remittances totaling about NT$739.4    billion have been made, yielding the following benefits.

1. It makes it easy for firms and people to go to a nearby financial institution to remit their payments.

2. Online account reconciliation simplifies accounting operations at agencies and meets the energy conservation and carbon reduction policy.

3. It shortens the time and procedures of remittances to the National Treasury, resulting in a reduction of interest burdens of about NT$55  million for the National Treasury.

Issued:Treasury Affairs Management Division Release date:2022-01-17 Last updated:2022-01-17 Click times:357