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Directions and Interpretations
No. Title Issued
1 The fee regulations need to consider the rights and interests of fee payers Government -Owned Shares Management Division
2 Three new warnings on the labels attached to alcohol products, including “Designated drivers keep us all safe,” “As safety is priceless, using a designated driver after drinking is necessary,” and “Only a designated driver can deliver you home safely,” have been announced and authorized for utilization, effective on January 27, 2022. Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
3 Definition of “Import” According to Article 46 of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act. Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
4 Disposal Directions for Handling Mailed National Treasury Checks Treasury Disbursement Management Division
5 Explanation of Paragraph7, Article 12 of The Charges And Fees Act Government -Owned Shares Management Division
6 The form of labeling alcohol content and volume for alcohol products. Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
7 The "grain" in the definition of clear spirits set forth in Item 3, Subparagraph 5, Article 3 of the Enforcement Rules of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act. Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
8 Operation Directions for the Use of the Interbank Remittance System in National Treasury Centralized Payments Treasury Disbursement Management Division
9 Operation Directions for Payment of Withholding Tax from Central Government Agency Employees’ Salary and Various Categories of Income Treasury Disbursement Management Division
10 The interest rate applied by the Bureau of Postal Remittance to the time deposit with a term of one year Government -Owned Shares Management Division
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