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MOF Issues “T13007” Treasury Bills

The Ministry of Finance has commissioned the Central Bank of the Republic of China to auction on April 10, 2024 the “T13007” Treasury Bills to respond accordingly to the needs and adjustments of Treasury. The 91-day Treasury Bills totaling 35 billion New Taiwan dollars (same currency applies hereinafter) will be issued on April 11, 2024, and the maturity date will be July 11, 2024.

According to the National Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance, banks, insurances, securities, bills finance companies and Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd are allowed to take part in the Treasury Bills auction directly. Individuals and institutional investors need to submit bids through bills houses regulated by “The Act Governing Bills Finance Business.” Auctions of Treasury Bills will be conducted through single yield auction, and publicly issued at a discount.

Contact Information: Section Chief Lai, Debt Management Division
Tel: 02-2322-8352

Issued:Debt Management Division Release date:2024-03-27 Last updated:2024-03-27 Click times:265