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Financial Statistics
No. Title Issued
1 Directors and Supervisors of State-owned Enterprises under the Ministry of Finance-by Gender Government -Owned Shares Management Division
2 The Holding Ratios of Shares of Government-Related Institutions of the MOF Government -Owned Shares Management Division
3 Issuance Information of National Treasury Bill Debt Management Division
4 Clock of National Debt Debt Management Division
5 The Actual Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues Amount Chart (Monthly) Financial Planning Division
6 Statistics of Collection Methods for Treasury Fund in 2024 Treasury Disbursement Management Division
7 The Expenditure Paid by the Fund for Privatization of Government-Owned Enterprises under the Executive Yuan Government -Owned Shares Management Division
8 Central Government Outstanding Debt as a Percentage of Average GDP for Previous Three Years Debt Management Division
9 Central Government Public Debt Debt Management Division
10 Outstanding Debt at All Levels of Government Debt Management Division
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