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Treasury Laws and Regulations

No. Title Issued Publish time
1 Revised and added particulars regarding labeling for alcohol products whose sulfur dioxide residue exceeds 0.25g and is less than 0.4g in every liter of alcohol Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division 2021-09-03
2 Regulations Governing the Payment of the Tax Revenue Collected by Commissioned Banks, Agent institutions, and Tax Collecting Institutions of Government Treasuries at All Levels Treasury Affairs Management Division 2021-08-11
3 The regulations governing the specific amounts of illegal tobacco or illegal alcohol which may be produced for personal use with exemption from penalty Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division 2021-07-19
4 The Public Debt Act Debt Management Division 2021-07-07
5 The Organic Regulations of the Public Debt Administration Committee Debt Management Division 2021-06-30
6 Regulations Governing the Selection of Agent Banks of Local Government Treasuries Treasury Affairs Management Division 2021-06-21
7 Regulations of Supervision on Loans Incurred by Privately-owned Major Economic Infrastructure Enterprises Guaranteed by Government Debt Management Division 2021-06-03
8 Regulations for Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues Financial Planning Division 2021-06-01
9 The Hygiene Standards for Alcohol Products Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division 2021-01-18
10 The Administrative Regulations Governing the Inspection of Imported Alcohol Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division 2021-01-18
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