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Price list of testing for imported alcohol

Price list of testing for imported alcohol

Testing Items Fees (in NT$)
Methanol 2,500
Lead 2,000
Sulfur dioxide 2,000
Salt(sodium chloride) 1,000

Preservative (sorbic acid and benzoic acid)

Radiation 2,000
Oxidation Time 1,500
Sulfuric Acid test of Chroma 1,000
Solids Content 1,500
Cyanide 1,500
Plasticizer (DBP, DEHP, DINP) 5,000
Colorants 1,300
Others are subject to the promulgation by the central competent authority. Fees charged are based on the actual costs.

Note: This table is an attachment of Paragraph1, Article 10 of The Administrative Regulations Governing the Inspection of Imported Alcohol, and also according to the additional regulations stipulating the inspection items and price list of testing for imported alcoholannounced by Ministry of Finance(no.10403800461).

Issued:Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division Release date:2020-12-25 Last updated:2023-10-18 Click times:846