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Application procedures for the payment of lost, stolen, or disintegrated bond certificates
  1. In the event that registered bond certificates are lost, stolen, or disintegrated, the owner of the bond certificate shall publish the notice of invalidation of the bond certificate in the daily newspaper of the place where the original handling bank is located, and then go through the procedures of reporting the loss and stopping payment to the original handling bank with the original seal. After completing the statutory procedures such as public notice and ex-rights judgment, fill in the “Application for Reissuance of Bond Certificates” and attach the original copy of the court’s ex-rights judgment, and send them to the original handling bank to apply to the NTA to reissue the bond certificates.
  2. If bearer bonds issued on or after September 29, 1995 are lost, stolen, or disintegrated, the holder may attach a certificate of report to the police, stating in writing the name, principal, and interest of the lost bond, period type, denomination, number, and number of tickets, report the loss, and stop payment at the nearest financial institution handling central government bonds, and within five days after the notice of the stop payment, submit proof of petition for public summons to the original unit that accepted the loss reporting and stopping payment. If said proof is not submitted within the time limit, the notice of stop payment will lose its validity. Once the bond is declared invalid by the court’s public summons procedure, the holder should fill in the “Application Form for Payment of Lost, Stolen, or Disintegrated Bond Certificate,” and attach the original court’s ex-rights judgment, and send them to the unit that accepted the report of loss and stop payment to apply for reissuance of the bond certificate by the National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance.


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