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What should be done when the amount of payment vouchers issued by spending agencies is less than NT$10,000?

1. According to Points 2 and 5 of “Operation Directions for Consolidated Appropriation and Disbursement of Treasury Fund,” payments between agencies should be made on a regular basis by consolidated appropriation. After consolidation, payments not exceeding NT$10,000 should be paid using petty cash.
2. If there are any of the following circumstances which cannot be handled using petty cash, the reason should be stated in the note column of the payment voucher:
a. Payments should be made immediately in accordance with other regulations or deadlines.
b. If the payee cannot receive it personally for some reason. 
c. If it has been deposited into the account of a fund custody or collection. 
d. Sporadic individual payments with less than five installments. 
e. Other reasons.
3. Agencies can set common phrase files in the Government Budget Accounting Information Management System (GBA system) to avoid the burden of inputting the reasons itemized when issuing payment vouchers.


Issued:Treasury Disbursement Management Division Release date:2022-01-14 Last updated:2022-01-14 Click times:337