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2023 The Alcohol Quality Certification Achievement Presentation: Taiwan's Alcohol Shines Internationally, Paving the Way for New Alliances

The Ministry of Finance(MOF) held the "The Alcohol Quality Certification Achievement Presentation" at the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel on the afternoon of October 31, 2023. Apart from awarding certification to newly certified alcohol producers and presenting awards to the winners of the 9th certified quality alcohol competition. The event incorporated an alcohol and dine session featuring 6 award-winning alcohols from the competition, showcasing the achievement of the MOF's promotion of the alcohol quality certification.

Since 2003, the MOF has promoted the alcohol quality certification system. Alcohol products applying for certification must pass qualification reviews, on-site assessments, and product testing. They are then submitted for review by the Certification Technical Committee before being granted the use of the "W" certification mark. Today, the certified producers by the MOF include five businesses, encompassing six production lines: Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, Nantou Winery & Distillery, King Car Food Industrial Co., Ltd. Yuan Shan Factory, Daan Mellow Co., Ltd., Shung Tang Lai Jia Co., Ltd., and Sinyi Township Farmers' Association.

For marketing and promoting certified alcoholic products, the MOF has submitted certified alcohols to international competitions since 2017, consistently achieving outstanding results. This year, the certified alcohols participated for the third time in the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Breaking previous records, they secured a total of 35 awards, including "Best Other Single Malt Whisky," 7 double gold medals, 8 gold medals, 17 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals.

To encourage healthy competition among certified producers, the MOF organized the 9th certified quality alcohol competition this year. Divided into three categories-distilled spirits, brewed alcoholic beverages, and beers-the competition invited domestic alcohol experts to conduct blind tastings. The results saw 22 winning liquor products.

For the purpose of promoting certified quality alcohol from Taiwan, the event specifically featured 6 award-winning alcohols from the competition. The head chef of the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel was invited to craft special food pairings and the chief sommelier from Palais de Chine Hotel to professionally describe the flavors and characteristics of the alcohols. This aimed to leave a lasting impression on attendees regarding the flavors of certified quality alcohols and also to foster opportunities for collaboration among certified producers, the food and beverage industry, and sales channels.

As of now, a total of 262 alcohol products from 50 production lines have obtained the MOF's alcohol quality certification. For more information, please check out the website of MOF National Treasury Administration's in the "The Alcohol Quality Certification" (URL: https://www.nta.gov.tw/AQC), or contact the commissioned executing organization, Taiwan Premium Agricultural Products Development Institute. Contact Information: Miss Sin, Tel: (02) 23567417 ext. 51.

Contact Information: Section Chief Chiu, Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division
Tel:(02)23228000 ext. 7409

Issued:Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division Release date:2024-04-02 Last updated:2024-04-08