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1-About Us 2-Announcements 3-Main Operations
3.1-Treasury Affairs Management and Annual Revenue Preparation 3.2-Treasury Disbursement Management 3.3-Debt Management 3.4-Financial Planning
3.4.1-Featured Data
3.4.2-Public Welfare Lottery 3.4.3-Local Government Finance 3.4.4-Financial Planning Review
3.5-Management of Government-Owned Shares, Funds, and Fees and Charges 3.6-Tobacco and Alcohol Management
3.6.1-Featured Data
3.6.2-Business of Tobacco and Alcohol Administration and Alcohol Administration Press Releases of Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Latest Operation Announcements and Introduction and Alcohol Administration Related Laws and Regulations (Hyperlink) and Alcohol Administration FAQs Related Directions and Interpretations of Tobacco and Alcohol Administration(Hyperlink) Application Forms and Notices for Tobacco and Alcohol Business and Alcohol Inspection Related Information for Processing Progress of Received Applications Submitted by Tobacco and Alcohol Business of Domestically Produced and Imported Tobacco and Alcohol Products for Basic Information of a Producer or an Importer of Tobacco and Alcohol Business (Mobile version) of the Tobacco and Alcohol Investigation and Seizure and Alcohol License Permit (Producers and Importers) at a Glance of Related Domestic and Foreign Agencies (Institutes) Calculation Platform of Delinquency Charge (including Interest) of Permit Fee for Tobacco and Alcohol Producers and Importers
3.6.3-The Alcohol Quality Certification 3.6.4-Inspection of Imported Alcohol 3.6.5-Information for Tobacco and Alcohol Consumers
4-Policies & Performance 5-Services
5.1-Contact Us
5.2-Digital Resources 5.3-Information 5.4-Information of Civil Service Ethics 5.5-Retired Area 5.6-Download
5.8-Contact Information
5.9-Sexual Harassment Prevention
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● Civil Services Hours:Monday to Friday 08:30 ~ 12:30 & 13:30 ~ 17:30

● Address:No.1, Ln. 142, Sec. 6, Roosevelt Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

● TEL:+886-2-2322-8000 FAX:+886-2-2392-9209


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