Bilingual Glossary

轉正通知書Conversion Notice
國庫收入退還書Statements of Revenue Refunded by the National Treasury
大額通報Notification of Block Expenditures
經費款項彙整撥付作業要點Operation Guidelines for Consolidated Appropriation and Disbursement of Treasury Funds
酒販賣場所設置專區專櫃管理辦法Regulations Governing Establishing Special Zones or Special Counters for Alcohol Sales Sites
菸酒業者申請設立及變更許可審查辦法Regulations Governing the Approval and Review of Establishment and Modification of Alcohol and Tobacco Importer and Producer Licenses
直轄市或縣(市)政府舉債不符規定之減少或緩撥統籌分配稅款作業原則The Directions for the Reduction or Suspension of the Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues to Municipal or County Governments in the Case of Non-Compliance in the Regulation of Debt
公共債務管理委員會審議規則The Operation Regulations of the Public Debt Administration Committee
公共債務管理委員會組織規程The Organization Regulations of the Public Debt Administration Committee
規費Charges and Fees
國庫收入退還支出收回處理辦法The Regulations for the Handling of Revenue Refunded and Expenditure Regained of the National Treasury
劣菸劣酒回收銷毀處理辦法Regulations Governing the recall and destruction for disqualified tobacco or alcohol
國庫資金撥付訊息Disbursement Data for Treasury Fund
電子支付作業Electronic Payment Operation
國民生產毛額Gross National Product (GNP)
國內生產毛額Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
存證機制Certified Mechanism
數位簽章Digital Signature
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