Q:Q&A for the Public Welfare Lottery

  • Date: 109.08.11      
  • Unit: Financial Planning Division

The purpose of the Public Welfare Lottery is not only to support social welfare but also to provide employment to disadvantaged groups. Taiwan's Public Welfare Lottery business is responsible for greater social responsibility and mission than lottery issuance in some other countries.

Since the issuance of the Public Welfare Lottery in 1999, with the efforts of the issuing institutes and related agencies, a total of approximately NT$485.1 billion of the Public Welfare Lottery surplus had been created as of July 2020, for social welfare support only.
Taiwan's Public Welfare Lottery retailers are made up of three vulnerable groups, including handicapped people, aborigines, and single-parent families with low income. This has created 42,654 jobs as of July 2020.
According to the Public Welfare Lottery Issuance Regulation and related acts, 50% of the Public Welfare Lottery surplus is allocated to 22 local governments across the country for social welfare purposes, 45% is used for the national pension system, and 5% is used for the National Health Insurance program.
During the 3rd issue period (2007~2013), the CTBC Bank repaid the government NT$2,086.8 million annually, totaling NT$14,607.6 million. For the current (4th) issue period (2014~2023), the annual feedback funds so far have been NT$2.7 billion.
The use of feedback funds is limited to the employment services of the vulnerable groups, the promotion of social welfare, the research and development of the public welfare lottery system, and the personal safety of the lottery retailers including savings insurance and a transfer subsidy program. The business attributes are respectively sponsored by the Ministry of Labor, the Council of Indigenous Peoples, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Ministry of Finance.
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