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Responsibility and Organizational Chart

  • Date: 2019/4/22      
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  • Department: Personnel Office

Responsibility and Organizational Chart


Treasury Affairs
Management Division
 1. Explanation and amendment to the manual of planning of public treasury system, the supervision of treasury operation and the management of accountant.
 2. Promote Treasury Centralized Payment and resolve public property dispositions of local government.
 3. Planning and financing Central Government annual and special Budget Revenues.
 4. Consider the budget of annual revenue/expenditure, estimate treasury balance, and keep close contact on the major revenue and expenditure agencies under the central government for the treasury fund procurement. As a result, we keep track of actual revenue/expenditure, so that the treasury balance can be estimated for flexible treasury fund procurement and meeting policy demands.
Treasury Disbursement
Management Division
 1. Establishment and Control of budget and payment bills which related to National Treasury.
 2. Establishment and Management of Disbursement Organization Data.
 3. Promotion, Certificate examination and Management of Electronic Payment Operation.
 4. Discussion and study on the Treasury Payment disbursement date and the recipient, examination and control of payment certificates.
 5. Safekeeping, verification, replacement and management of audit personnel and audit data.
 6. Management on the Printing, safekeeping, issuing, examining and delivery of the Treasury checks.
 7. Processing of the issuing, examining and correction of remittance data.
 8. Remittance fund scheduling, remittance data transfer and the management of deposit accounts.
 9. Establishment and maintenance of the data on financial institutions.
Debt Management Division
 1. Government Public Debt Planning, Management, and supervision
 2. Issuing Central Government Bonds, Preparing Fiscal Year Budget and Operating the Debt Service Fund
 3. Short-term loans borrowing, repayment of government bond principal and interest, and the audit, annulment, custody, and destruction of fully repaid bond certificates.
Financial Planning Division
 1. Co-ordination of major governmental construction expenditure plan.
 2. Planning and guidance of fiscal operations at all levels of local Government.
 3. Supervising the issue of the Public Welfare Lottery
Government -Owned Shares
Management Division
 1. The management of enterprises with state-owned shareholdings under the MOF
 2. The Fund for the Privatization of Government-Owned Enterprises under the Executive Yuan
 3. Review of the standards for charges and fees
Tobacco and Alcohol
Management Division
Proposing promulgations and interpretations of, and amendments to, the tobacco and alcohol management related laws and regulations;
 2. Promoting the Alcohol Quality Certification System;
 3. Conducting imported alcohol inspections;
 4. Drafting proposals for the tobacco and alcohol related foreign affairs as well as to the comprehensive international economic and trade issues;
 5. Issuing and replacing license permits for production or import of tobacco and alcohol, as well as proposing punishments for offenders; and
Planning, supervising, and coordinating tobacco and alcohol investigations and seizures.
 1. Custody control of official seals, administrative and archives management.
 2. Research studies, press contacts, and correspondence with the Legislatyre Yuan.
Accounting and Statistics Office
   National Treasury accounting, national debt accounting, non-for-profit funds, and budgeting, accounting, and statistical management for the National Treasury Administration.
Personnel Office
   Organizational management, promotions and transfers, performance reviews, training and education, salary packages and welfares, retirement and pension services, personnel services.
Civil Service Ethics Office
   Promoting government ethics, preventing and uncovering corruption and malfeasance, protection of official secrets and security of the agencies, assisting in handling petitions.
Information Management Office
   Information Management,Systems Analysis,Systems Management,Information Security.


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